An Amphora of Roses

On Saltdean beach some months ago I came across a clay pot, about the size of a large coffee jar, brought in by the tide and still bobbing in the surf. It was reddish, the colour of blood oranges. Closer inspection revealed that it was moulded into a rough amphora shape, and that it was sealed. The clay was beginning to come apart in the brine. I smeared it away around the top, and found a screw-top glass jar, also sealed, encased within.

I opened the jar. It contained a small amount of clear fluid, immediately idenitifiable from its perfume: rosewater. The aroma of roses escaped into the coastal skies: like a djinn released from a bottle, I thought at the time.

It transpires that rosewater is used in the exorcism of djinns.

Make of it what you will.

2 responses to “An Amphora of Roses

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