Short Report from the Frontline

As regular readers will know, recent events on the Shoreline have been embodied in two marine creatures: the sea urchin and the dolphin. Between them they encapsulate the ongoing drama at the threshold between death and renewal, progress and stasis. The earlier posts elucidate this and I won’t repeat that material here.

Today I took my daugher swimming, to a local pool that has seen better days. On the way home I asked her how she would set up a public swimming pool for children if she were asked to design one. She immediately said, “I’d have a slide, an octopus slide”- this wasn’t a surprise, as there was just such a slide at a pool we used to visit.

But a second later she changed her mind. “Not an octopus… I’d have a.. ummm… actually… I’d have TWO slides. A dolphin and a sea urchin“.

Time stopped. The planets froze in their celestial course. The Gods blinked.

Somewhere in the depths of that eerie stillness, an astral zephyr blew through the surface of Now.

It was a Shoreline moment.

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