Fiery Beast of Heaven

Sunset on the Shoreline, 28th August.

Among the crowd that gathered to watch, there was agitation, and talk of a fiery sky-beast.

Some said it was a horse, and gripped with fear they scanned the contours of the flaming clouds, trying to discern a rider, their thoughts turning to the end of all things.

Some saw an insect: a blazing locust, obscenely giant, and surely soon to be joined by a host of others.

A fever of apocalyptic dread arose, and spread through the assembly like a miasma. Arguments broke out as to whether the portents were good or ill; it was observed that the sky-creature was both Heavenly and Infernal. The hubbub of debate subsided as the throng wrestled with this apparent paradox.

Some among the crowd saw no form of any animal, yet marvelled nonetheless at the interlocking of molecules and photons, and the play of these upon the retina.

Some saw a celestial salamander.

Some saw none of these things.

2 responses to “Fiery Beast of Heaven

  1. To be completely honest, I see the horse emblem as represented on a Ford Mustang.

    There are so many people who don’t bother to look into the sky – to think of all the marvels they are missing boggles the mind.

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