As Above, So Below

It is Easter, and while I am not a Christian, the symbolism of the resurrection (for I cannot take it literally) appeals to me greatly, as I see it as a particularly potent myth of cyclic renewal. At this time last year, events on the Shoreline led me to write about self-resurrecting mudfish deities, and to photograph the golden thread linking Heaven and Earth (more on that below). This year, I simply present a couple of images by way of Easter blessings.

The photo above is the “Christ of the Abyss”, a bronze statue of Christ that stands on the seafloor at San Fruttuoso, Italy, in commemoration of a pioneering Italian diver named Dario Gonzatti. Aside from its obvious topicality at this time of year, the image seems to me to resonate very well with the strange vibrations of the Shoreline current- as here we see Jesus coming up from the depths, in more ways than one. The starfish making itself at home in Christ’s left hand is particularly apposite, and even the name, “Christ of the Abyss”, carries the frisson of paradox, which animates much of what is written here, given that the Shoreline is itself a zone of paradox and uncertainty, a liminal threshold.

The photo below, meanwhile, was taken on the Shoreline itself earlier today. As I mentioned, last Easter I photographed a pillar of sunlight linking the celestial and earthly realms, so I was both cheered and humbled to see the same phenomenon recurring this Eastertide. If anything, the divine radiance appears rather more powerful this year- and surely that can only be Good News?


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