The Haunted Shoreline

The Haunted Shoreline was an esoteric project that ran from 2011-2014 and involved an anonymous 40-something scientist immersing himself in signs and portents gleaned from the beaches near his home. He coined the term ‘alchemico-surrealist beachcombing’ to summarise what he was up to, which was in essence a peculiar and possibly hazardous process of self-exploration, an underwater psychonautical cave-diving expedition. This website documents the project. 

Plumbing the depths on the south coast of England.

Hermes Trismegistus and C. G. Jung chase giant psychedelic beachballs across fossil-strewn cliffs, while Georges Bataille performs unspeakable perversions with Max Ernst’s frottage sticks and a vampire squid.

At The Haunted Shoreline, a stretch of the English coastline becomes transmuted, emerging as a wondrous Hermetic Theatre in which secret Nature is unveiled and the shadowed recesses of the mind illumined.

Where occult beachcombing meets surrealist psychoanalysis, and everything crackles with life.

Click the image to walk the Shoreline, starting with the most recent post. Or you could begin at the beginning, or go here for a starting place that is neither the beginning nor the end, or here for the closest you’ll find to an explanation of it all.

After that, you’re on your own, but at the foot of every post (between the post and the comments) there are arrows forwards and backwards, and many posts contain links to others. You can also click on the tags or categories (on the right of the screen) to follow particular themes or threads.

Take a lungful of sea air, feel the salt under your fngernails, and dive in.

11 responses to “The Haunted Shoreline

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  9. Your Haunting of this Shoreline may have come to an end, but I must leave a comment anyway, just to tell you (if you’re still being notified of comments) how much I’m enjoying reading these posts. I washed up here recently on a Googleyed tide when searching for images with the phrase ‘alchemical easter’, and was not disappointed! Are you writing elsewhere now, I wonder? Would love to read more. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words. Am I writing elsewhere… well, my scientific work involves writing, but of a rather different type, as you would imagine. I do have an idea for a follow-up blog, but it has been ‘stuck in production’ for a long time now and I am really not certain whether it will ever go live – but if so, it will be announced here.

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