Some Heretical Particulars

Greetings and thanks to all who attended and participated in the English Heretic 2012 AGM at Bath Masonic Hall on Saturday October 13th- and particular thanks to EH presiding guru Andy Sharp for all his hard work organising the event, at which a small but highly engaged band of attendees enjoyed a superb day of talks, performances and discussion.

Andy will, I suspect, be putting up some documentation of the event elsewhere (update: you can read his report of the day here), and I will not attempt any in-depth review. Instead I thought I’d share a slightly different kind of documentation: some pictures (grainy cameraphone ones, albeit) showing details of the decor and fittings inside the tremendously atmospheric Masonic Hall where the day’s events unfolded. You can see further such details (and better quality photos) on Ken Hollings’ blog, here.

Because, as everyone knows, the devil is in the details.

3 responses to “Some Heretical Particulars

  1. Aubrey- somewhere on your blog there’s a fantastic piece about Margate Shell Grotto, although you don’t reveal the location. I’ve just been trying to find it again to send the link to some friends but can’t locate it on the blog- can you send me the link? You can post it here or email me at – I’d be very grateful

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