The Wombstone

The lowest ebb

A lull in blogging recently- although, let’s be frank, the mighty elemental forces that seethe and squall around the Shoreline care not whether your correspondent documents their ebb and flow. Nevertheless, like a lightning conductor I stand on the beach and let the raging etheric storms seep into my nervous system, that I may see more clearly what is coming up from the depths.

The picture above was taken at low tide at Peacehaven, give or take a minute or two. (The Shoreline recommends Tide Times UK for checking such things). Long stretches of seaweed-covered chalk flats are exposed when the tide is this far out, as the sea subsides and gathers itself for another incursion.

Low tide is traditionally associated with the eternal feminine: it is the time when Yin is at its strongest, containing as it does the seed of Yang. The moment of maximum quiescence is also the moment of maximum potentiality.  When scouring the shores at low tide, the esoterically-attuned beachcomber should be prepared for finds that emanate from, and reflect, the female principle.

And so it proved. A great many oyster shells were in evidence- these are a common find here, but never have I found such a quantity. One in particular impressed me, as the two halves of the shell were still joined:

Oysters are another symbol of the feminine: there are various reasons for this association, some of which should be apparent from the picture above without the need for further elaboration.

And then I came across this stone:

The wombstone: pregnant with meaning

This stone has been hotly debated by the Shoreline’s scholars. The Lapidary Animists claim that it shows a pregnant womb, but the Rational Empiricists scoff at this, rolling their eyes at what appears to them another demonstration of their colleagues’ tendency- maybe even their compulsion– to see what they want to see in the rocks and pebbles of the Shoreline. Your correspondent kept his own counsel during this discussion, but the plethora of feminine symbolism strewing the beach at low tide seems to him imbued with the forces of synchronicity- and it is, after all, cheering to contemplate the possibility of a happy event here on the Shoreline, especially following recent forays into loneliness and death.

Even as we anticipate the onset of some new manifestation, however, we must pay heed to the Shadow that attends all that exists, and ask ourselves: what is about to be born?

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